The Republican Party conflict

Can there be any truce between the conservatives and progressives in the Republican Party? I do not believe so. At the very core of this schism are the beliefs each side holds. The progressives are loyal and believe the party is what is important and the conservatives believe in the creed or the values as I embodied in our constitution. These views are oxymoronic. There is no true difference between a progressive democrat or republican. The efforts now being employed are increasing the number of conservatives in the party. I don’t think that this can happens quickly enough considering the speed which this nation is spiraling down. I do think the current efforts should continue but I think it is also time for a third party to emerge. If a conservative republican is running then there should no  from a third -party however if it is a progressive a third -party or an independent should enter the race. The Republican Party will need to transform itself or it will implode. Either way it will be an improvement. We need a truly two different parties but that’s not happening. If Jeb Bush is our candidate I will vote for a third -party, independent or perhaps the democrat.        David J


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